Hello all! So here I am again with another winter oriented style. I will admit, I just realized that in this outfit I am wearing the most contemporary non-thrifted items ever. Usually I adorn myself with thrifted items under $20. This time I have the one Roots sweater I splurged on when I first moved to Kitchener and my summer oriented holographic flats from Etsy. This is a big stretch for me since I usually detour from buying anything new. But I had some extra cash, and the sweater was one of my first purchases in a new city. I like to make up excuses for the amount I spent on it. Regardless, it is seeing me through this winter and is so comfortable and easy to throw on. It's also classically Canadian. I like to call this particular look "frumpy chic".
Anyway, on to the Etsy finds.

Vintage shawl & skirt
Roots sweater
Holographic Shoes from Golden Ponies

How to emulate this look?

 Crocheted shawl Yellow shawl Mohair Shawl Crochet shawl Yellow Bridal Shawl 
(One of my fav online Etsy shops!)
oversized gray sweater / gray printed sweater / vintage 80s sweater

Pony Oxford Mirrored (Handmade to order)