plaid & fur

Hi and wow, thank you for reading this.

It's been a long time since we've used the blog here at Tomorrow Never Knows. In fact there have been so many changes with TNK since we left off. Including a move to a new city and many different transitions over the past year or more. We're always moving, and changing and developing yet my heart is always with vintage clothing and home grown style. We're still getting off the ground and online again, so please bare with us. Until then we wanted to bring back the old blog spot blog. By creating a good old fashioned daily style blog as a resolution for 2014. So here we are in the middle of a great Canadian winter getting our barrings in the snow. Our first outfit is an over sized plaid boyfriend blazer, a large fur hat and a silver metallic lace baby doll dress modeled by myself, Eva Bowering. I hope to do this as much as I can this year to show off our amazing stock.

You can also always keep track of our photo shoots of which we style with all our vintage garb on our website and Facebook. We have plenty already planned for this New Year and we're super excited about them so thanks for following us. Happy New Year to all and we hope you'll see more of us soon.

How to recreate this look? We sourced some great ideas from fellow shops and online stores:


Dalix Studios

Bad Grammer