One Of A Kind Show

Tomorrow Never Knows took a trek to the OOAK show thanks to some complimentary tickets from our buddies Hana & Curious Oddities who were participating this spring. TNK had shared a booth at the last Clothing Show with both of these great handmade vendors. They were also using furnishings from our buddies Ransack The Universe.
Since I love handmade artists so much it was a great time and my boyfriend and I discovered some great handmade artisans outside our Toronto realm. Some of our favorite finds included 2 different t-shirt designers. One based in Brooklyn, NY called Paste U.S.A & the other (my personal favorite) was The Klondike Drawing Company all the way from the Great White North, the Yukon! Both have exceptional t-shirt designs, and both myself and my boyfriend are suckers for that.
I picked up this nude bearded lady t-shirt as pictured above.
The apple of my eye Mr. Jesse Skinner picked up this Band Cat tee. Some other honorable mentions include Graham Blair's wood cut prints, Love nail tree, Le Petit Reve, & local Greasy Chicken Face who will do your pets portrait for a incredibly reasonable price! I also give her props for her hand written/drawn business cards. I can't wait to get our Joni's portrait done! Over all a great time and I recommend y'all check it out this weekend before it's too late!