Rachelle Simoneau

We at TNK have had the joy of working with some of the greatest photographers. Rachelle Simoneau & Ally Cervantes particularly. Who have always provided such amazing shots to feature TNK product. Rachelle came back briefly to Toronto since she is now building her portfolio in the United Kingdom. Even due to her packed schedule she still went out of her way to shoot with TNK. We sat down and had a photo shoot within the confines of Tomorrow Never Knows, and took advantage of all the natural light coming through the big window over looking Bloor. Or main focus was on the great accessories we have available in the shop, including Abegail Barrios & Dolorous seen featured in the photos above. Using very simple statement pieces clothing wise from the store. We also had oppourtunity to work with Christina Spina Makeup & Props, yet again for another of my shoots who has always provided the best possible hair/makeup styling available. It was also wonderful to work with such a stunning model by the name of Olga who we think physically embodies the true nature of our store. Something feminine, fashion forward, and natural. Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work!