Alternative Fashion Week

Spring Fever is here-here-HERE, eager beavers! The Make Den brings the First-Aid for your winter aches and breaks! Tomorrow Never Knows what spring holds so brighten up your wardrobe with pretty vintage peaches and lots of lace! Leather and Leopard go hand in hand in a brand new clothing line that you can MAKE YOURSELF!

Find it for sale at Eva's vintage paradise 'Tomorrow Never Knows' or MAKE ONE to go in a beginner sewing class at The Make Den! Go on and slip on some chiffon - we'll be unveiling a new line of delicate dainties and leather lovelies at Alternative Fashion Week!

Ticket and Event Information:

SHOW DATE: April 27th, 2011 at 9pm

ADVANCE TICKETS: $25/Day Pass, $70/Week Pass in advance at the following:

Slinky/MOOG Audio: 442 Queen St West, 416-603-2600 Nathalie-Roze & Co.1015 Queen Street East, 416-792-1699

Method Lab: 148 Augusta, 416-875-6781 (Wed-Sunday) Shop Girls: 1342 Queen Street West, 416-534-7467

$30/Day @ the door