TNK is so stoked to have Fieldguided in the shop. Anabela & Geoff are 2 very amazing local T.O artists. They both dropped off a couple new products today. Including a new tote, and a new floral tie. Anabela let me know that TNK is the only shop to currently stock the thunder in our hearts tote. Tomorrow Never Knows also can admit that we had no idea how popular Fieldguided is and quickly learned the fact that Anabela and Geoff seem to be mini celebrities. As soon as they left there were exclamations by customers about how cool they are and how popular they are on the interwebs. Which proves how outta the loop we can be at times... either way we were quite pleased to hear this and F.Y.I they are the cutest couple ever. It was great to finally meet them as a whole. TNK also currently stocks the dream cats calendar, we'd seen each other in a dream & mini meow tote, and linen ties. Look forward to new product from them as well in the future.