Tomorrow Never Knows Beauty Bar by Ally Cervantes

Model - Amanda

The Tomorrow Never Knows beauty bar concept was to bring a gaggle of girls together to do complete vintage "make overs". Accompanying wine & treats and a pin up photo session with a complete wardrobe from Tomorrow Never Knows. We took around 10 girls and had the talented Christina Spina and Anna her hair assistant do a 50's pinup makeup tutorial. This means going over a variety of tips and tricks to learn how to do 50's style hair and makeup.

Anna & Christina Hair & Makeup Masters

Anna & Christina probably had the toughest job of presenting the tutorial and working with the girls step by step.

Diana going through the steps with Christina

Diana, the finished product!

Model - Cassandra Ellen of Tweek

Models - Stylist Whitney & friend

Model - Actress Kelsey Goldberg

Model-Photographer Maria

Model - Musician Sheila

Model - Vanessa

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