Holiday Gift Ideas Part 3

Yes, Tomorrow Never Knows is NOT just the go to place for the stereotypical lady on your list. We also cater to the unisex crowd with many, many cool gift ideas.

The classic bow tie! Ladies and gents alike will love a bow tie. Tomorrow Never Knows has a collection of hand crafted bow ties in many different patterns and styles.

Comes with a how to for the perfect knot..

The perfect addition to a wardrobe for a Christmas evening by the fire or NYE.

2. Robots

Tara at Odd Bird Designs brought in some amazing robot pins and necklaces. Which are the perfect gifts from the future. Celebrate 2011 in style with these great robot pins and necklaces.

3. Discount Film School

If that's not enough, Discount Film School has a great refined selection of books, records and DVD's available for x-mas. Stay out of the mall this year, support local Canadian businesses, and keep this stuff outta landfills! How else can I convince you? D.F.S is the one stop shop for these great giftables at half the mall price. Get over your fear of "re-gifting", any eco-conscious consumer should face the fact that this is the wave of our future. Discount Film School just brought in a huge selection of Criterion Collection DVD's as well so you know the selection is still good.