Positives about Vintage Shopping !

1. You can assemble a vast wardrobe

2. This mode of shopping can help determine your best style options

3. Experienced vintage clothes shoppers can assemble a complete outfit in one go

4. You'll get honest opinions from sales staff and other customers

5. It's a chance to use your wits: In a retail environment it takes no brains at all to assemble an outfit the magazines say is hot, plop it down at the till, and go. But at a vintage store, you must be on your toes.  At a very basic level, it's calling hunt-and-gather instincts into play.

6. You can get better long-term value for your money at vintage stores.

7. Vintage is good for the environment: By making the decision to purchase vintage clothing, you are helping to prolong the useful life of a garment, reducing waste and amortising the cost of its manufacture upon the environment.

8. Shopping vintage helps local business!

-Excerpt from "It's Vintage Darling! How to be a Clothes Connoisseur" by Christa Weil. 2007.