February is going to be a full on love fest here at 107 Shaw as we prepare for the first Chosen Ones of 2010!

It may be chilly outside, but we're steaming it up in here with hot little numbers for your Valentine's celebration. Whether it be a heavy night out (or in) with who (or what) ever you love (enter: lover, pals - with or without benefits, ice cream, rom coms, drinking sorrows like a free flowing import beer or whatever your favorite thing to do on this Hallmark holiday may be, etc) we've got what you need from this month's hand-picked vendors, The Chosen Ones:

Sunday Girl
Philistine Mens
Tomorrow Never Knows
Lacey Surprise
Vanessa Fischer
Erin Edge
I Heart Cake Lingerie

Special video presentation by Adrienne Reid.

Exes and ohs!